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28th-Sep-2011 12:24 am - GACKT items for sale
Hi everyone! Been only a lurker in LJ for these few months, life a bit crazy. I dunno why but I was hoping the whole YFC stuff will end soon. Evil huh?^^ The only two thing I love about it will be and always be....GACKT and Shinya. Lalalaa...okey, come over here Chacha and You! Love both of you too >< 

Ok, more on serious note, I finally got some time to sell off some of my GACKT-related items. I'll try to be short and simple since i'm letting go around 30 items. So please bear with me^^. FYI, all of my G items are official items and once I got them, browse once and immediately wrapped them in clear plastic to be stored in my cupboard. I really hope they will have a new owner that will enjoy them ;) 

I decided to divide the items into 2 categories; fixed price and best offer. Honestly I got headache to try remembering the prices I paid and to decide the value of some items I got. Everything in yen only. Price excluded shipping cost & paypal fee. Shipping is from Malaysia and I will use registered mail for shipping.  Any question or request don't hesitate to ask, I won't bite.

EDIT 1: I have update the new price for the keychains. Don't be shy to ask me anything ok? :)
EDIT 2: Update sold items.

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Thank you everyone ;)
10th-Apr-2011 10:17 pm - Belle...

A week ago I managed to get this picture while she was asleep, peacefully^^ 

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23rd-Mar-2011 04:55 pm - What to do with her....
How to get closer with a stray cat? Actually I quite suprised to see Belle again after a year.

Back then, she used to stay with her 2 kitties in our garden. I gave them food and see them from afar. Whenever they see us, Belle would jumped off the gate, the kitties would hide. But one day, her son lost without a trace. That night, Belle and her daughter came in front of our house as if asking us to find him. She never revealed herself so much to us. I decided to search him in the morning.

The next day, her daughter missing too. I can't believe it. What happened? Belle kept looking for her kids for whole month. I can hear her calling for her kids, it was so heart-breaking. I kept telling my dad it must be the lizard that my dad trying to catch. It must be.

Belle got pregnant again and this time she no longer trust me. She blamed me for her missing kids. Whenever I gave them food, she would guard her kids closely and hissed me if I'm too close. Later, she found new home in our area. I never see her anymore because I moved to KL for few months.

Two days ago, it was raining. I saw her sitting on our outdoor table. She looked tired and hungry. i gave her fish ;) As always, she would hide until I walked away. Yesterday, I was worried she was no where to be found. My dad jokingly said Belle is an independent girl, no need to worry. Funny dad, really :p

It was raining heavily. Belle came back today  ^___^ 
Quickly I prepared her food, but she's still not eating it. There's a maid cleaning our house at the moment, Belle uncomfortable with people as always. 

Oh Belle, I just want you to be healthy, comfortable with me. You're welcome in our home. I'll talk to dad. He just worried you'll eat the fish in the pond ;)      

I'm putting my 2010 Kenshin Kousai keychain for auction below, if anyone is interested. 


Item Information
Description: This keychain was sold only at the 2010 Kenshin Kousai event. In this version, the chibi got a longer hair & holding a stick/sword ^__^
Condition: New and unopened
Starting Price: US$12
Auction closed: Tuesday, 7 December 2010, 10:00 a.m. Malaysia time.
Item location: Malaysia

Those interested, come over here....Collapse )
EDIT1: Auction CLOSED. 

26th-Jul-2010 04:08 pm - Writer's Block: Sony Cyber-shot HX5V
If you could spend a week taking photos in any city in the world, which city would you choose, and why?


Like Cyber-shot, I'm sharp, focussed and ready to zoom Tokyo!
Since my memories fade too fast, Cyber-shot ensures they last! Always on my side, I could hardly be in a solo journey and I can't picture life without it.

Only in Japan, a harmonious celebration of the traditions and futuristic cities that we thought only in science fiction movies exist! Honoring their past and embracing their future, it has somehow managed to remain, essentially and unforgettably, Japan.

20th-Jun-2010 04:45 pm - Hilarious.....

Have anyone seen this clips before? It's the RRII documentary with ENGLISH SUBS!!! Finally! YAY!!!
Behind the scenes footage with Gackt interacting with his fans & his members are pure LOVE!
My favorite? Him being a cute meow below..... ^__^

Edit1: I didn't add the 3 previous clips. Here:Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Part 4:-

18th-May-2010 12:34 pm - Part 2: Close up Nemuri goods
Let's see the merchandise okey?


Underneath the omamori is the towel ^___^

More behind cut.....Collapse )
18th-May-2010 10:59 am - Part 1: Nemuri Gackt Project

I went to the Nissay Theatre around 9.45 am. It's so easy to get there. Get off from Hibiya Station & go to Exit A13. The building is on your left next to a cafe.

Nissay Theatre.....Collapse )
17th-May-2010 10:50 pm - Nemuri+Gackt Official Goods

I'm back ^__^! Just arrived actually. I think I'll sleep after this and update tommorow....way too tired....
I'll leave now a picture of the official goods that I bought.(all this I bring them as hand-luggage) 

The must have items definately the photobook & the soundtrack (the poster comes with the CD) :) I can rip the CD if anyone interested.
I also bought 2 cups, 2 omamori ( I forgot to add in the pic), 2 cookies, 1 set postcard (11 pics), 2 files folder, 1 sticker, 1 facial oil tissue, 1 towel. FYI not all items are on sale yet such as the fan.

28th-Apr-2010 06:06 pm - Scans

This post is dedicated to satsukiyatoji !
Sorry it took me quite a while to scans the two Moon Child postcards (big ^^;)
I hope the quality good enough since I can't edit with Photoshop (I have no idea where did I put the PS cd)
I also included the Anniversary singles cards (^,^)....


Scans follow here.....Collapse )
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